Austin's Hard Money Lender

Hornet Capital offers several specific loan programs to suit your needs. Whether you’re working on a remodel, land development, or a new build, we have successfully funded over 76 loans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Read the Full Article »

Welcome to Hornet News Now!

Welcome to Hornet News Network! HNN is your go-to for all things Hornet such as ongoing and new projects, market updates, upcoming events, and much more! Make sure to subscribe, like, and share our page with others. Hornet Capital is committed to improving the journey of ALL real estate entrepreneurs; rehabbers & developers, new & experienced, cash investors & private […] Read the Full Article »

Can You Sell Your Home in Austin if You Owe Back Taxes?

can you sell your home if you owe back taxes
Selling A Home If You Owe Back Taxes. At some point in your life, a radical change in the form of a messy divorce, a job transfer or an illness may force you to relocate and profit from a fresh, positive start in a different location. Building a new life from scratch may be the best thing for you and […] Read the Full Article »

The Complicated Eviction Process Revealed

Complicated eviction process
The Complicated Eviction Process Revealed. Many Austin landlords who have legitimate reasons to evict their tenants are fully aware of the fact that the entire eviction process is time-consuming, costly and can easily get very messy. Meticulous tenant screening does not always prevent unpleasant surprises. This is precisely why landlords should count on solid info enabling them to take the […] Read the Full Article »

What Is Gap Funding?

gap funding
What Is Gap Funding?. Gap Funding can make all the difference with your successes in real estate.  When people say you can make money in real estate without using any of your own money, it’s almost true.  Yes, I’ve made money in real estate utilizing none of my own money, many times.* There are 3 views to analyze when considering […] Read the Full Article »
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