Selling A Home If You Owe Back Taxes

At some point in your life, a radical change in the form of a messy divorce, a job transfer or an illness may force you to relocate and profit from a fresh, positive start in a different location. Building a new life from scratch may be the best thing for you and your family in Austin, TX. But what were to happen with your property? Could you actually sell a home if you owe back taxes? Let’s find out.

The Problem: You Want To Sell Your House But Back Taxes Tie You To The Property

Generally speaking, this is not a very big issue. However, note that all the people who are currently in this situation have to repay the amount of money that they owe in back taxes during the process of selling their property. This means that after giving back what you owe, you would walk away with a reduced amount of money in your pockets. The situation gets even more complicated if your back taxes are for a federal IRS lien. In this particular content, it will take minimum 30 days to be able to sell your property in Austin, Texas, after the IRS lien is paid.

This basically means that you would have to pay the IRS lien and wait at least 30 days to enable the IRS to record this action and allow you to sell your home with a clean title.

If you owe back taxes, you may want to consult a real estate attorney to get more familiar with the legal framework, practice and available options. You may also want to get in touch with the local tax authority and let its representatives know that you’re planning to sell your property. Provide a payoff figure for the overall amount that you owe. Embrace the same approach when it comes to contacting your mortgage lenders. Make sure that the overall value of the net profit obtained after completing the transaction (recorded after paying sales tax stamps and commissions) would be sufficient to pay all the involved parties. In most cases, when you owe back taxes you learn how to pinch pennies. When you are desperately seeking to reduce expenses and sell your house quickly and conveniently, can you actually afford to list your home through a brokerage firm and let your property gather dust on an unfriendly real estate market for many months in a row? If your answer is no, we may just have the perfect solution for you.

The Solution: Sell Your House To Us

At Tally Two Investment Group, we are not intimidated by these kinds of complications. If you have an IRS lien and have to sell your house fast in Austin, Texas, we can help you make this happen. We are cash house buyers who will gladly take your home off your hands in record time, even if you still owe back taxes. We have bought many other houses like this and we are eager to hear from you. In case you are dealing with an IRS lien and have to sell in less than a month, pack your bags and hit the road, we can offer you a fair deal and the amount of cash that you need to rebuild your life, brick by brick. Contact us today at 512-763-0883 and sell your house to us now.

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