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At Hornet Capital, we live by the motto “Enjoy Success Together,” uniting rehabbers, developers, newcomers, seasoned professionals, cash investors, and private money lenders. Our offerings encompass hard money loans and partnerships in Austin rehabs & developments.

We welcome cash investors and private money lenders seeking passive income. We are not your everyday real-estate investment firm. At Hornet Capital transparency reigns and we prioritize investor communication. Through real-time dashboards, quarterly investor meetings, and open-door policy we ensure our esteemed investors stay informed on the latest information within Hornet as well as the market dynamics that we face.

Management Team

The management team has a rich history in real estate investments from every stage of the process: Development, Raising Capital, Project Management, Construction, Negotiations, Deal Validation, Private Lending and more.

Brian Whitten

Rachael Holladay
President of Lending

Dimitri Hammond

With over 15 years of active engagement in real estate investment, Brian Whitten’s journey is nothing short of impressive. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, Brian traveled the world as a fighter pilot. Amidst launching his F/A-18 Super Hornet from aircraft carriers in pursuit of protecting this country’s freedoms, his passionate pursuit of real estate took root. In 2008, he embraced a new title, by becoming a licensed Realtor, and promptly recognized the hidden potential of the housing market while serving his clients.

Brian’s fix-and-flip projects proved so successful that by 2012, he made the decision to step back from active duty and fully dedicate himself to the realm of real estate. His relocation to Austin marked the commencement of a vigorous networking effort, connecting with fellow local investors to provide above-market returns for his investors while flipping properties, providing hard money loans, and partnering with other real estate investors.

Residing in Austin with his wife and two sons, Brian’s household relishes moments by the lake, perfecting the art of BBQ smoking, and supporting his wife’s cherished Longhorn football team. His laser-focused drive ensures triumph not only for his individual aspirations but also for the prosperity of his esteemed investors, aligning perfectly with the motto of Hornet Capital: “Enjoy Success Together”

Rachael brings a wealth of industry expertise, with her influential presence starting in 2011. Rachael boasts an impressive track record of originating loans exceeding $600 million. She takes pride in having served more than 350 borrowers throughout her career.

Prior to joining Hornet Capital, Rachael held the position of Vice President of Lending at Stallion Funding. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in the company’s remarkable growth, elevating its assets under management from $10 million to well over $150 million.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rachael enjoys spending quality time with her four children, often found relaxing at the beach. Rachael holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Dimitri is a native Austinite.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas State for Math and Computer Science and dedicated a decade to working with emerging technology companies in Austin, where he ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing two tech startups. This entrepreneurial journey led him to the real estate sector, where he applied his keen analysis, systems management, and operational expertise by launching his own development firm in 2014.

Over the years, Dimitri’s entrepreneurial spirit guided him through the successful renovation and construction of more than 50 houses. This hands-on experience allowed him to navigate the intricacies of the business while learning invaluable lessons from the challenges he encountered. Dimitri’s decision to join Hornet Capital in 2020 marked a strategic shift from the development realm to the investment side of the real estate industry. This transition enabled him to capitalize on his strengths, perceptive insights, scrutiny, and analytical skills in the domains of operations, deals, and borrower relationships. These qualities were honed through his lived experiences and the lessons learned from overcoming adversity.

Out of the office, Dimitri finds solace and joy in the natural beauty of Texas. He relishes moments of hiking, camping, and swimming alongside his wife and children. In addition to his love for the outdoors, Dimitri shares his artistic talents by performing live music at local venues.

Matt Milks
Accounting & Finance

John Strawn
VP of Borrower Success

Tammy Oberto
Executive Loan Processor

Heading Hornet Capital’s accounting department, Matt oversees the management of our loan portfolio. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Georgia Tech, he brings valuable expertise. Before joining Hornet Capital, Matt spent 12 years as an entrepreneur, involved in the acquisition and sale of diverse small enterprises. He finds joy in quality time with his children and exploring new destinations when he’s not at the office.

For over 10 years, John has been actively involved in the realm of private lending, gaining invaluable expertise across various facets of the field. Currently, his role entails overseeing Hornet Capital’s borrowers, ensuring their triumph through exceptional construction management and top-notch customer service, all the while safeguarding Hornet’s mission statement “Enjoy Success Together.” John serves as our dependable frontline representative. Situated in Central Texas, he finds joy in staying physically active, tending to his canine companions, and indulging in all things related to science fiction.

As our Loan Processor at Hornet Capital, Tammy is renowned for her acute attention to detail and proficiency with numbers. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin, she brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills to her role.

Outside the world of finance, Tammy’s heart is captured by her love for animals, particularly dogs. Through volunteering at animal sanctuaries, she has demonstrated her commitment to giving back to the creatures she holds dear. Her mastery of the piano and flute has graced published albums, a testament to her harmonious blend of talents.

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