About Hornet Capital

At Hornet Capital, we live by the motto “Enjoy Success Together,” uniting rehabbers, developers, newcomers, seasoned professionals, cash investors, and private money lenders. Our offerings encompass hard money loans, partnerships in Austin rehabs and developments, and discounted Realtor services.

We welcome cash investors and private money lenders seeking passive income. We are not your everyday real-estate investment firm. At Hornet Capital transparency reigns and we prioritize investor communication. Through real-time dashboards, quarterly investor meetings, and open-door policy we ensure our esteemed investors stay informed on the latest information within Hornet as well as the market dynamics that we face.

Management Team

The entire management team has a rich history in real estate investments from every stage of the process: Development, Raising Capital, Project Management, Construction, Negotiations, Deal Validation, Private Lending and more.
bryan whitten

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