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Hornet Capital has a long history of providing quality hard money loans, gap loans, and bridge loans. 15 years providing solutions.

A hard money loan is any loan secured by a “hard asset” like commercial or residential real estate. It is sometimes called a bridge loan, private capital loan or private loan. A hard money loan is a first mortgage on investment real estate. A hard money lender looks to the property as the primary collateral as opposed to the borrowers credit score or other factors. A hard money loan is an alternative to a traditional bank loan.

We lend from $50k to $20 million, depending on the property type, location, loan to value, etc.

A hard money loan is used for various reasons. The number one reason is time. The loan needs to close quickly for whatever reason. Our average close time is 5-10 days (depending on property, location, etc…). Hard money loans can also be utilized when conventional financing is not an option including credit scores, income statements, etc…

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