Hornet Capital Announces Stellar Returns for Investors

Austin, TX, August 6, 2018 – Hornet Capital is pleased to announce double digit annualized returns for Fund Investors in their first quarter in business (Q2, 2018).

The umbrella of Hornet Capital companies boasted a 12% annualized return for the company, a phenomenal feat for any businesses in its first quarter.  The Fund declared the preferred return of 10% annualized for their Class A shares, and a 10.1% return for the Class B shares, a major win in this initial quarter.

“It was a busy quarter for us at Hornet Capital.  Between the transition from Tally Two Investment Group and deploying funds expeditiously – yet strategically, we are confident we’ve established a solid portfolio to safely maximize investor’s returns” claimed CEO Brian Whitten.

Hornet Capital originated from Tally Two Investment Group, a real estate development company in Austin, TX.  After many successful redevelopment projects since 2012, Brian saw the demand to help more developers continue in his path and established Hornet Capital, an investment fund to leverage successes for Austin area developers. “Any developer working with Hornet Capital has the added advantage of our experience and direction for their projects, ensuring the best possible outcome for all involved”, according to Whitten.


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