Dimitri Hammond, COO


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Dimitri Hammond heads the overall operations as well as the loans department of Hornet Capital.

He joined Hornet Capital in January of 2020 with over 9 years of Real Estate experience. Dimitri is native to Austin, Texas and earned his BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Texas State University, Magna Cum Laud. For 10 years he worked throughout Austin for emerging technology companies and founded two of his own tech startups before bringing his analysis, systems, and operations acumen into the real estate industry by starting his own development company in 2014.

For 6 years Dimitri renovated and built over 50 houses, running all aspects of the business and facing many valuable lessons through various levels of adversity. Dimitri joined Hornet Capital in a move to migrate from the development to the investment side of the industry to make the most of his strengths, bringing his insight, scrutiny, and analysis to operations, deals, and borrowers that can only come with the lived experiences of hard lessons.

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